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VRCP Bylaws


Termination from the VRCP

Reason for Policy: To ensure the safety of all children in the program and a community of respect

Date/Year Developed: April 2013

Last Reviewed/Revised: October 8, 2014

The following information is clearly outlined in the VRCP Policy and Registration Package:

Expectations of Members

Participants and their families must have respectful attitudes, use appropriate language and demonstrate courteous behavior at all times.  There is Zero Tolerance for inappropriate attitudes, language and behavior.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to discontinue any child who does not meet these expectations.


Procedures for termination of a child from the VRCP:

  1. Supervisor and/or staff generally give one warning to a child unless the incident is major.

  2. When an incident is aggressive physically or repetitive in nature, the Supervisor will phone the parent and issue a warning, indicating that the next incident may result in a suspension.

  3. If the Supervisor determines that a suspension should be considered, this will be recommended to the board.

  4. Pending the board’s decision, written notice of suspension will be provided.

  5. If the behavior continues following suspension, the board will discuss the possibility of termination.

  6. In the event that a termination is required, a board member calls the family to share that they have been terminated from the program effective immediately.

  7. All board and the book keeper are notified.

  8. Information is kept confidential.

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