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Vickers Recreation Care Program Inc. (VRCP)

VRCP was created to fulfill the need for quality and convenient care for school - aged children (K – Grade 6) at École Vickers Public School before and after each school day. In 2008, the Before & After School Program for École Vickers Public School began - the first program of its kind to operate within the city of Prince Albert and surrounding area.

Program Philosophy

To provide a safe, caring and welcoming environment for children in which to spend their time before and after each school day.

The VRCP is managed by a Volunteer Board of Directors and relies on the respect and cooperation of all family members. There is also a staff supervisor position managing the day-to-day operations.

VRCP Participants

All registered participants of the VRCP must be school-aged children (Kindergarten to Grade 6), attending École Vickers Public School and must be able to manage their own personal care, such as eating and using the washroom.

Expectations of Members

Participants and their families must have respectful attitudes, use appropriate language and demonstrate courteous behavior at all times.  There is Zero Tolerance for inappropriate attitudes, language and behavior.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to discontinue any child who does not meet these expectations.

Fees & Payment Requirements

In a regular school week, there are 10 occasions to be cared for at the Program. Full-time constitutes 7 or more visits/week and part-time is 6 or less visits/week.
Registration Fee - $25.00/family/year

Full-time Care Fee - $225.00/month/child – 6 or more visits each week 

Part-time Care Fee - $125.00/month/child – 6 or less visits each week

PLC Days - $30/day/child – directly withdrawn from account

Payment of Fees
A non-refundable Registration Fee, as well as all monthly fees will be paid by providing an automatic withdrawal/debit form from your bank at the time of Registration.  The Registration Fee will be debited from the account September 1st and all monthly fees for the year will be paid by debited from your account the 1st of each month. CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  PLC Day fees must be paid one week prior to each PLC Day. Any days lost due to job action, weather or any other unforeseen circumstances will not be refunded. Registration fees will constitute membership in the non-profit organization known as VRCP Inc. and all members will have voting rights at the annual meeting.
Late Pick Up Fee
Children must be picked up before 5:30pm each day.  Failure to do so will result in a $25 Late Fee, that must be paid before the child can return to the program.  

NSF Cheques
All payments will be withdrawn from bank accounts on the 1st of each month. We are moving away from cheques but if a situation arises where a cheque is accepted and results in being NSF, there will be a $50 charge for each NSF cheque that is received. Receiving a 2nd NSF cheque from a family will result in immediate termination from the Before & After School Program. No exceptions. 

Tax Receipts
All receipts will be issued in February to the person specified on the Registration Form.  Please keep both receipts in a safe place, as only one copy of each receipt will be issued.

Withdrawal from Program 
One full calendar months’ notice must be given, in writing to the Program Supervisor, to withdraw from the Before & After School Program. Unused post-dated cheques will be destroyed, or returned to the parents, upon receipt of the written notice.

Hours of Operation

Hours for scheduled school days:

Morning 7:00am – 8:45am, when the school staff begins supervision
Afternoon 3:00pm – 5:30pm

Hours for PLC (Professional Learning Community) days:
All Day 7:00am – 5:30pm, for an additional fee of $30/day/child (snacks and lunch are included), which must be paid 1 week before each PLC day.

*The VRCP will be closed on all school breaks, conventions and statutory holidays.


Arrival & Pick Up of Children

Drop off and pick up of children will be done through the Kindergarten doors at the Small Gym.  If you are dropping off your child before 8:00am, you may drive your vehicle in to the staff parking lot, park your vehicle in a stall, and proceed with standard drop off procedures. After school - if you are picking your child up after 4:30, you may enter the staff parking lot, park your vehicle, and proceed with the standard pick up procedures.

DROP OFFS AFTER 8:00AM WILL REQUIRE YOU TO PARK ON THE STREET AND WALK YOUR CHILD(REN) TO THE DOOR. PICK UPS BEFORE 4:30 WILL REQUIRE YOU TO PARK ON THE STREET AND WALK TO THE DOOR TO PICK UP YOUR CHILD. Under no circumstance will any child be allowed to leave with anyone other than those authorized, in advance, by the parent/guardian.  Children must be picked up before 5:30pm and must be signed out each day.  Late pick up fees will be applied for any pick up after 5:30pm.

Standard Drop-off and Pick-up Procedure

With the dismissal of the Covid restrictions, parents are again allowed to enter the school. Please text when you are dropping off and picking up your child as the door is locked and we do not want children standing outside. The phone number to the program phone is 306-940-6601. Please note that a parent/guardian must be seen at pick up time before the child is allowed to leave. To ensure the child’s safety, we ask that you come to the door or inside to drop off and pick up the child. Parents entering the school is subject to change based on school policies. 



Due to the lack of kitchen space and prep area, snacks will be provided as individually wrapped snacks. A snack is only provided afterschool. Information will be updated on this is when required.


Incident & Emergency Plan

If an incident occurs to a child while at the program, the VRCP Staff will talk to the child(ren), fill out an Incident Report Form and talk to the parent(s). If the incident is serious, the parents will be called to pick up their child and the Board of Directors will be notified.  If a child needs immediate medical attention, an ambulance will be called, at the expense of the family.


In the case of a school closure (i.e. no water or power), the supervisor will be notified as soon as possible by the school and/or board and asked to make calls to the parents/guardians. The supervisor should call at least one other staff to help make the calls. Vickers secretaries/school staff will be asked to help if urgently needed. 

In case of an emergency at the VRCP location (École Vickers Public School), such as a fire or evacuation, parents/guardians will be called to pick up all children immediately.  The staff of the VRCP will stay with the children, in a safe location, until everyone has been picked up.

Program Concerns

All concerns and suggestions regarding the Before & After School Program are welcome. Please put any concerns or suggestions in writing, addressed to the VRCP Board of Directors and drop them off with the Program Supervisor. Your notice will be passed on to the Board and your concern/suggestions will be considered.

While the policies and rules of the VRCP mirror those of École Vickers Public School, the school will not be held responsible for any complaints, concerns or injuries relating to the VRCP.

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